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Listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, The Place Holdings Limited (f.k.a. “Eucon Holding Limited”) (“The Place” or “the Group”) is an investment holding company whose portfolio coverage will include the investment, development and management of Media, Integrated Tourism and tourism-related “new retail” businesses.

The Group is backed by the key management team of The Place Investment Group, a multi-billion PRC conglomerate renowned for its extensive businesses in tourism, media, property management, biomedical technology investments and international trade.

The Group’s core belief is to embrace a lifelong, forward-looking, bold and modern thinking. Through the spirit of innovation, courage to explore and keeping in touch with industry elites and market developments, they assure the Group in maintain a leading position in the industry, IT, and media and communication aspects.

At management level, the Group has created a team that is vigorous and committed. With a high degree of cohesiveness and effective execution, the management team is good at seizing opportunities and implementing projects swiftly, providing the Group huge cost-savings and substantial rewards.

Meticulous but understanding the overall situation is the selling point of the Group’s product. Paying attention to details is the vitality while working with partners and a clear picture of the overall situation creates value and product superiority.

In all collaborations, the Group strives to create value but at the same time maintain amicable balance between reality and rewards. With creating a win-win situation for all parties a priority uphold by the Group. The Group seeks the most justifiable business development plan while preserving the interests of all partners.

The Group's current business activities include:

  • Provision of comprehensive branding strategy, planning and organizing of corporate events, and exhibitions, and other large-scale events, and
  • Development and operating of integrated tourism business including but not limited to the development of tourist townships near renowned tourist destinations, the development of commercial malls, hotels, entertainment and recreation facilities, resorts, corporate clubhouses and wellness resorts for the elderly; and
  • Establishing, acquiring and/or otherwise investing in companies in the “new retail” businesses (i.e. those which manage and/or provide retail services by incorporating new advances in technology including but not limited to big data, payment, logistics, virtual reality) within the tourism industry which has synergies with the Company’s integrated tourism

The Group is expanding through acquisition of profitable businesses with high growth potential.